Sunday, 1 July 2012

capsule hotel

Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotels are built for those people wanting cheap accomodation. It costs about $20-$30 a night. The capsule measures 2m x 1mx 1.25m and they are stacked next to and top of one another. A seperate section of the hotel has bathing facilities and lockers for personal belongings.  Everything is provided within the capsule, inclduing, TV, radio, alarm clock, adjustable lighting, etc. Everything within easy reach.

The very first capsule hotel was opened in 1979 in Osaka and was designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. Kurokawa created the world's first example of capsule architecture when he built the Nakagin Capsule Tower in 1972, which housed micro apartments and offices targeted towards bachelor "salarymen."

9h (nine hours) is one of Japan's newest Capsule Hotels and offers a "luxury" capsule experience. Located in Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto, 9h features 125 modern capsules spread over 9 storeys, separate male and female quarters, designer locker rooms, showers and a lounge. The hotel also offers guests a sleek 9h amenity kit, including: bottled water, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, slippers and optional lounge wear. The capsules feature a Panasonic alarm clock system with controlled lighting, and curved mattresses and pillows made of four different materials to ensure a natural posture while you are sleeping in the capsule. Prices start at approximately $65 per night.

9hours "how to use your capsule" rules:
  • Check-in:
  • Leave your shoes in the shoebox. Fill out the Check-in Card. Get your Locker key and sleeping pod number.
  • Shower
  • Store your belongings in the locker. Take a shower & slip into some comfortable lounge clothes.
  • Sleep
  • Climb in, snuggle up and sleep in your private capsule.
  • Shower
  • Shower and prepare for a new day. Collect your belongings from your locker.
  • Check out
  • Return your Locker key at the Front Desk and check out.


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  3. I would love to sleep in one of those capsules, it would be really cool!
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